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20 Feb Newsletter

2017-02-20 -
Subject:  TE Blaster - Sources and Traffic Partners

TE Blaster Traffic Sources and Traffic Partners .

It’s a great day to be a Blaster,

So today I wanted to add accountability to the TE Blaster
system. So here we go.

we will be running a weekly update of where the traffic came
from  this page tell
all member where TE Blaster is showing.

We are holding noting back. Some questionable sources are being
counted and the hits being returned and split between the
upgraded members to ensure we deliver what we say we are

Quality Manual Traffic Exchange Traffic.

Traffic Partners
We are looking for sites to partner with We call them “Traffic
Partners” it’s a very small one time payment and you are in for
life.   Interested?  Skype James OR Jackie and we will add you
the already growing list of exchange owners. We are very very
very very Limited on spots like one or 2 a month limited.  We
are sorry we are adding everyone to the list. So if you want in
let us know soon.

Did we mention very limited?

Thank you for being a part of Blaster the most transparent
Premium Co-op.

Have an amazing day,
Jackie O and James D

Todays Tip-
One link shows all your splash pages Webmaster
So easy to Blast your Blaster pages all over the place.

IT TE Blaster  

TEB:-1 (-1) sent Mon, 20 Feb 2017 22:50:54 -0600

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